Japanese (Well, Chinese) Calligraphy

I really want to learn Japanese/Chinese Calligraphy. It just seems like such an elegant art form and the most interesting thing about it is that it really is art. It takes practice to write calligraphy, which seems odd that one would need to practice something as simple as writing but that just goes to show how different cultures treat language and writing. In the English language, I suppose we are elegant in the way we choose to structure our sentences when we write formal English, whereas for Chinese characters, they’re pretty much pictures. So, in a sense, you’re drawing your sentences.

I tried a bit of calligraphy (although it was more like sketching), but it is a really nice practice and I simply loved it. I even went so far as to buy some calligraphy brush pens so that I can step into the realm of Chinese calligraphy a little bit. Hopefully, I can learn the art of calligraphy writing (like the actual practice of it and learn the rules that are accompanied by it as well) as a professional hobby. Wish me luck!