Mock Trials and Trepidations

Another Suits Fanfic! I think by now you guys know how much I love writing for this particular fandom even though I don’t keep up with the show that much anymore.

Title: Mock Trials and Trepidations
Fandom: Suits
Genre: Drama/Friendship
Rating: K
Characters: Harvey S., Donna P., Mike R.,  OC
Summary: Tags to Play The Man. In the aftermath of the mock trial, Mike faces challenges with his boss and his secretary who seem adamant on giving him the cold shoulder. Feeling a bit lost and defeated, Mike is contacted by an old friend from his childhood days amidst his greatest time of need for a friend.


エケキュEikekyu Home Decor

So I recently started a Facebook page to help initiate a business project in which I sell Japanese style art canvases as home decor pieces. Since I really was in to calligraphy, I decided to make something out of it.  I hope to make quality home decor pieces that people are interested and right now my goal is to just get the word and promote my page. I’m going to post a link to my facebook page, and if you’re reading this and have visited my page, I’d be eternally grateful if you helped share the page and promote it to your friends and family. 🙂

エケキュEikekyu Home Decor

Personalized Canvases of Japanese Art that are handmade individually.
Instagram: @akqcalli
Twitter: @akqcalli


Another Suits Fanfic :D

I know I have an exam in two days but I just couldn’t help it. I had to write it or I’d lose the idea forever. D:
Another Suits fic! I know what you’re thinking..more Mike!Whump?

Well I’m sorrryyy I just love Mike whumppppp LOL

Title: Just Not Good Enough For You
Fandom: Suits
Characters: Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen, Mike Ross, Rachel Zane
Pairings: None that I emphasize on. I guess Mike/Rachel exists if you squint but like they just broke up so…LOL
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family
Rating: K+
Summary: Rachel accuses Mike of breaking up with her because she’s not good enough for him. Mike feels a little emotionally distraught at this revelation and begins to wonder if there’s something fundamentally wrong with his personality.

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Oh man, I’ve been MIA for too long. School just has this annoying tendency to get in the way of everything productive (ironically).

But, since I’m back, I’ll post a link to my recent fanfic. It’s a Suits fanfiction because I just recently started watching it and I’m totally in love with the show and its characters (except Rachel. I hate her).
Anyway, it’s a little fic that is a take on my view of Harvey and Mike’s playful banter. Hopefully I was able to portray it right.

Title: Kicking Your Ass To Kingdom Come
Fandom: Suits
Characters: Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Donna (I don’t know her last name LOL)
Shipping: None
Genre: Humor/Family
Rating: T
Summary: Mike and Harvey banter when they should be working. Harvey doesn’t know if his concern for Mike is normal (Constantly pushing away his big brother instincts). OR Just a fluffy short in which Donna threatens Harvey and Mike with a time-out.

Hope you like it! 😀

Japanese (Well, Chinese) Calligraphy

I really want to learn Japanese/Chinese Calligraphy. It just seems like such an elegant art form and the most interesting thing about it is that it really is art. It takes practice to write calligraphy, which seems odd that one would need to practice something as simple as writing but that just goes to show how different cultures treat language and writing. In the English language, I suppose we are elegant in the way we choose to structure our sentences when we write formal English, whereas for Chinese characters, they’re pretty much pictures. So, in a sense, you’re drawing your sentences.

I tried a bit of calligraphy (although it was more like sketching), but it is a really nice practice and I simply loved it. I even went so far as to buy some calligraphy brush pens so that I can step into the realm of Chinese calligraphy a little bit. Hopefully, I can learn the art of calligraphy writing (like the actual practice of it and learn the rules that are accompanied by it as well) as a professional hobby. Wish me luck!

Just A Random Piece I Wrote Until I Hit Severe Writers Block

They kept falling. One after the other, floating on the waves of a gently blowing wind. The descent is slow, agonizing almost but the journey is peaceful in that there is no sound. No sounds, no abrupt movements. Just a leaf sinking towards the dusty soil of the Earth. The first leaf had not yet landed when the second began to fall. Just as gently. Just as slowly. But far more agonizing. I looked away from the window and towards the bedroom door, staring at it longingly as if willing for her to appear.
“Kumiko?” I called out. There is no answer. Glancing towards the bedside table, I read the time as 1:23 pm. Briefly reflecting on which day it was, I realized that Kumiko might be out to complete her errands. Feeling at a loss, I returned my gaze to the falling leaves, though no longer interested in its subtleties. This is how I usually spend my days; glued to the bed while watching the world move forward, leaf by drifting leaf.

I’m not sure how long had passed or when I zoned out but judging by the fading daylight, I must have been out of it for a significantly long time. Funny how time changes you. I used to struggle to get through the day, especially since the only company I had was an obnoxiously loud clock that continuously ticked till the end of time. I shifted from my position so that I was sitting up and leaning against the headboard. Looking around the room, I noticed that the room had changed. The window was no longer on my left but on the right. Outside the window was the beautiful view of the ocean. Which ocean, I didn’t know, all I knew was that it was a sparkling midnight blue that stretched across the horizon endlessly. I looked away from it and focused my attention on the door. Or at least I would have had there been any. Naturally, upon such a discovery, one would panic but I felt none. Perhaps because this room, or should I say, box, had a familiar aura to it. A nostalgia of sorts.

BLOG POST #2: Japanized or Americanized?

Ok. So I know I said I’d wait till I finished reading JapanAmerica before writing a book review, but as I’m progressing through this book, I’m consistently overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amount of Japanese influence that has reached America. It’s interesting because I’m currently writing an essay concerning Western media imperialism during the American occupation in WWII. Combining what my research suggests with what the author of JapanAmerica is saying, it almost feels like Japan and America’s relationship is purely based on giving and taking. Of course, that doesn’t sound so bad since we’re taught as kids that giving is good but in the context of Japan, she’s pretty much contributing to American culture in a gesture of “owing”. Perhaps it’s not so applicable in the 21st century, but there was a time when Japan essentially gave back to America out of a sense of obligation. That’s just my speculation of it, mind you, so don’t go around spewing this to your friends and family as if any of this is factual. But back to my “speculation”, according to Akio Isagashi*, the Americans chose a very convenient timing in history to impose their Western values and culture. What period in time, you ask? Well, the American occupation of course. After the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese were in a constant state of fear and anxiety. They lost their homes and their loved ones, they had lost significant amounts of land and resources. There was the threat of radiation (effects of which still linger around in present day) through which people have suffered long term defects. Among everything else they had lost, they most importantly lost hope and identity. Who is to blame for the bombing after all? Had there been identifiable soldiers running around Hiroshima and Nagasaki shooting citizens at point blank, they could at least link the physical threat to a leader. But with the nuclear bombs (which eradicated along with its victims), there was no verifiable trace. That being said, the Japanese felt utterly hopeless. So it’s understandable that when America occupied, the people of Japan were like sponges. Anything that could give them a sense of identity; if they could just get back that feeling of knowing who they are, they readily and eagerly immersed themselves into American cinema and it was through this abundance of movies that Japan adopted a mindset full of Western values.

Ok. I don’t want to go too much in depth with this topic yet because I want to finish this book and then come back with a bucket full of info. Meanwhile, you can do your own research and correct me if you feel like I’ve misinformed you about certain things. But to be fair, I did say that it was mostly speculation so please don’t hurt me.